Dick Walker's Student Hall Of Fame




     Jason Livesay began his music career at the age of eight when he started playing the violin, studying with Mildred Lloyd, Chen Yang, Dick Walker, and Todor Pelev. By the time he graduated from high school, he was performing professionally, had won a national violin competition, and was composing for full orchestra. He attended Azusa Pacific University where he studied violin with Ruth Meints and composition with Phil Shackleton. He later studied film scoring at UCLA, conducting with Jorge Mester, and voice with Calvin Remsberg and Michael Skidgel.

     Jason's employed assistantship with composer Lee Sanders for CBS Television's "The Amazing Race" opened the door to many working relationships in the film industry. Since that time, Jason has teamed with his twin brother Nolan to compose for Dreamworks, Paramount Pictures, Columbia Pictures, MGM, Warner Brothers, FoxFaith Films, Nickelodeon, CBS, and MTV, winning a Gold Classic Telly Award for "Best Music." He has over 40 film and television credits, including the "Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire" DVD special features, the original score for the feature films "Bounty" starring Peter Sherayko and "Chasing the Green" starring William Devane, original music for the award-winning feature documentary "Dear Francis", additional music and orchestration for the feature film "One Night with the King" starring Peter O'Toole, and electronic programming for Disney/Pixar's "Burn-e" (an animated short to be released with "Wall-e"). Jason also holds a conducting position with the Golden State Pops Orchestra, and has premiered his own original concert works with the Lake Avenue Chamber Orchestra, the Sonus Quartet, the Golden State Pops Orchestra, the APU Symphony Orchestra, and the Michael Skidgel Singers.

     As a violinist, Jason has performed with many regional orchestras, including the Lake Avenue Chamber Orchestra, the Redlands Symphony, the San Bernardino Symphony, the Torrance Symphony, the YMF Debut Orchestra, the Golden State Pops Orchestra (assistant concertmaster), and also works freelance for albums and movie scores. He has performed at Walt Disney Concert Hall, Segerstrom Concert Hall, and Perth Concert Hall in Scotland; he has worked with such conductors as John Williams and Michael Tilson Thomas, he has accompanied such artists as Josh Groban, Peter Cetera, Bela Fleck, Linda Eder, Jubilant Sykes, Merv Griffin, Tony Danza, and Chris Botti, he has also been seen on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno. Jason and his brother Nolan have formed a unique electric violin duo, sharing their blend of original and popular music all over the world, having opened for artists such as Sheryl Crow, Smash Mouth, Huey Lewis, Ace Young, and Starship. They have appeared in Las Vegas and as headliners on first-rate luxury cruise lines.



     Camille Sanders started fiddle lessons with Dick when she was nine. A voracious, natural learner she quickly learned to fiddle and music theory. Recently she was featured in a film with Dolly Parton. She has made numerous trips to Hollywood and Nashville completing projects and developing her career. With two CDs to her credit she is well on her way to a very successful career in music.

For more information on Camille's career please check her name.



     Bob Davis is a life long musician, playing fiddle, bass, guitar as well as vocals. He and his wife Janie travel throughout Texas and Louisiana where Bob participates in fiddle contests and other musical activities. Bob studies fiddle and music theory with Dick improving his skills with no intention of slowing down       


     Studying with Dick, Ken Edwards began playing the fiddle and learning to read music at the age of sixty. His musical desire was to be able to perform "Amazing Grace" at his mothers grave site. Having completed that desire he now provides that service for other families. He and his wife Susan have published a photo album of Ken performing at sites in Texas and Alabama. They also host musical events in their home and community, Harper, Texas       


    Jean Crowder's passion for the violin started when she was a young girl. After convincing her father to buy her a violin she studied with the concertmaster of the New Orleans Symphony Orchestra.

Cal, her husband was a career military pilot. Jean joined him in many locations, her violin always nearby.

About five years ago she began studies with Dick. She is a persistent determined person and an inspiration to Dick and others.



     Roy West is a songwriter, singer, multi-instrumentalist and composer with three major Christian Country CDs on iTunes featuring some of the finest musicians in the music business. In addition he has three CDs on iTunes with Dick. Of these, "When Two Friends Meet" features Roy's own instrumental compositions and is one of Dick's career favorite recordings.

Roy has studied violin and music theory with Dick developing his skills and is the Praise Team leader at his church.

Roy and Dick perform concerts in a variety of churches often using other professional musicians to work with them.




     Rori Roberts started lessons in fiddle and music theory with Dick about two years ago after learning to play the fiddle earlier. A determined and persistent student she quickly developed into an advanced player. She performs regularily with the Roberts Family Band appearing in churches, fiddle contests and community functions throughout south Texas.

 Father Rocky, mother Tanya, brother Riley, and sister Reta (another rapidly developing fiddler) contribute to Rori's success.

Rori is the 2014 Grand Champion Winner of the Poteet Strawberry Festival fiddle contest and is well on her way to successful career with music.



Chris Booker


       For as long as I can remember I have been listening to music. As a child, my family

sang songs together. Our favorites were The Mamas and The Papas. We loved the

harmonies. While my sister played the flute, I took up ballet dancing (I tried the clarinet,

not so good at that!). I danced till I was in my 20’s then life had a way of taking over.

I married, took up nursing and moved around with my husband who was a career Air

Force officer. He retired from the service in Colorado Springs where I reunited with a

good friend, Camilla who plays the violin (and anything else she wants to). My father

gave me a funny looking instrument called the mandolin. I took it home and asked

Camilla to teach me how to play it. She taught me a few chords and I started playing

along with her fiddle tunes. My husband Bill also joined us playing his guitar (he played

in college too). Pretty soon, Camilla entered a fiddle contest and we went on stage

together. That was my first experience performing. Later, Camilla and I went to a fiddle

camp and I got interested in the fiddle. So, after a couple of years of fiddle camp, I

decided to borrow one from her and give it a try. It went pretty well so I purchased my

own fiddle in 2003.


In 2005, I retired from nursing and moved back home to Texas and started looking

around for a fiddle instructor. Luckily, I found Dick Walker. He has the patience of a saint and fortunately didn’t mind listening to really bad fiddle playing. Dick helped me with my technique, intonation and taught me all about music theory (he is still teaching me).


Around 2009 I joined a jam group that soon developed into a band called Exit 505. With

this group I put all that I learned into action and started singing playing fiddle and

mandolin. Dick then told me about a program called “Band in a Box”. I started writing my own music and lyrics. Another friend, Bobby, who is a great songwriter and music

producer, taught me more about song composition and recording. I began using Garage

Band along with Band in a Box. I have written over 30 songs and performed many of them in a variety of venues. I am having a great time and owe so many for all the support and encouragement over the years.


 Dick has been a great inspiration and teacher. I am living out a childhood fantasy

and having a great time. Thanks Dick, Camilla, my sweet husband Bill, the members of Exit 505 (Dan, Mike, Bill, Misty, and Tammy). I owe a big thank you to my Dad for giving me that funny instrument the mandolin. I am still with the band Exit 505, we play both publicly and for private events.






"Josh Cunningham started taking lessons with Dick after only playing violin for a year. Through the lessons, he fell in love with music theory and performance. While studying with Dick he picked up the Mandolin and Guitar and since then has learned to play several other instruments. He currently plays in the varsity orchestra at Winston Churchill high school, several small bands, and has founded a non-traditional quartet called The Contemporaneo String Quartet."



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