Dick's Forum

                     Dick’s Forum – No. 20


Throughout my music career I have been continually blessed with very fine teachers and educators including:


Education and Training

B.A. California Baptist University (psychology major)

M.A. University of Redlands (Music Performance major)

Graduate studies: Claremont Graduate University

Violin Studies

Clayton Morningstar

John Coppin: Los Angeles Philharmonic Orchestra

Todor Pelev: Concertmaster, San Bernardino Symphony

Pavel Farkas: Concertmaster, Redlands Symphony

 Piano Studies

Margaret Coppin

Joe Felix: Jazz pianist, Palm Springs, CA

 Bow Rehair, maintenance and repair and violin set up

Jon Peterson: Luthier and owner: World of Strings, Long Beach, California

Albert Bone: Bow Repair:

John Vanderhorst: Bow rehairing

 Composition and Theory

 John Boyd DMA