"You can play the fiddle"

Dick has very good results teaching folks to play the fiddle.  Many of his students have little or no prior musical experience but have a strong desire to enjoy playing the fiddle.

You can take private lessons, either half or full hour, or start off in a class with other folks just learning to enjoy the world of fiddlin'.

Dick is a professional musician, teacher, concert and recording artist.  His passion for teaching others to fiddle is based on finding ways for them to be successful rather than insisting on a set of rules and learning to read music.

The idea is to get started playing the fiddle, making music, and becoming part of a long standing tradition.

          Here's how this works
For many years folks have been learning to fiddle by watching and listening to others play, then taking a fiddle and beginning to imitate what they have seen and heard.

After Dick shows you how to hold the fiddle and bow you will begin to play simple melodies by imitating the things he shows you.

With a generous sense of humor and a helpful hand most folks are playing simple melodies by the end of one or two lessons.  The keys to success are realistic expectations and a sense of humor.  Playing the fiddle very well is not easy and takes a lot of work.  Playing the fiddle for ones own sense of personal achievement and satisfaction can be done, given the right help and attitude.

          Dick's students
Dick's students are as young as three and his most "experienced" students are in their seventies and eighties.

Many are playing the fiddle for their own satisfaction, not caring if anyone ever hears them play.  Others are serious music students wanting the mix of technique, repertoire, theory and performance opportunities provided by Dick.  He teaches violin using classical methods and disciplines associated with this work.  Former students are now completing university degrees and pursuing professional music careers.

Others are professional violinists in symphony orchestras desiring to broaden their musical experience in the challenge of fiddling.  Still others have mastered other instruments and are learning to fiddle as a second instrument with numerous social and musical possibilities.

Whatever your interest, he has a place for you! 

Contact Dick Walker at   dickwalker5@yahoo.com,